We're all about community at Paramount Sports. Get to know our team a bit here.

Craig Benson

Paramount nickname: Big Daddy Benson

Favorite discipline: Commuting and Gravel cycling.

Favorite bike: Surly Troll, because riding it makes me happy.

Number of bikes you own: Not entirely sure, however, the herd keeps growing.

History at paramount: Started in the bicycle business in 1986. Started Paramount in 2005 with a goal to offer our clients great products with professional service. Haven’t worked a day since.

Other interests: Skiing, fly fishing, camping, and family.

Email: paramountcraig@gmail.com

JC Larson

Paramount nickname: Sizzl Biscuits

Favorite discipline: Mountain & Commuting

Favorite bike: Surly Ogre

Number of bikes you own: 12

History at paramount: Became a customer in 2008 & started working at the shop in 2015. Best job I've ever had!

Other interests: Hockey, Concerts, Camping

Email: paramountsportsjc@gmail.com

Chris Gunnerson

Paramount nickname: Gunny-pants

Favorite discipline: Fly fishing

Favorite bike: The Troll

Number of bikes you own: around 10

History at paramount: “I’m awesome”-Chris (has worked at Paramount for 7 years)

Other interests: Fishing, hunting, hermitting

Lauren Wilson

Paramount nickname: WILSON!

Favorite discipline: Mountain biking & gravel.

Favorite bike: The Juliana Jops.

Number of bikes you own: 4

History at paramount: In 2017 I decided I needed a bike so I discovered Paramount. In May of 2018 I brought my dog by and everyone fell in love. Been a part-timer since then.

Other interests: Dragging myself up cliffs (rock climbing), hanging out with my dog (Luna), and trying new beers.

Email: paramountlauren@gmail.com

Jason Artley

Paramount nickname: Artley

Favorite discipline: Mountain

Favorite bike: Surly Crosscheck (don’t tell the others)

Number of bikes you own: 7

History at paramount: I’ve worked every summer since 2012.

Other interests: Vans. Camping. Beer. Music. Puppies.

Race Heitkamp

Paramount nickname: Cisto

Favorite discipline: Gravel and Commuting

Favorite bike: My trusty Cannondale

Number of bikes you own: 7

History at paramount: I bought a GT Aggressor MTN bike after graduating from high school and got to know the crew due to the large amount of time I spent replacing the parts I destroyed. Eventually made it official in 2014 with a part time gig.

Other interests: Bike Camping, Sewing bags, Maintaining eye-contact during long awkward pauses

Brady Herbaugh

Paramount nickname: Doesn't have one yet!

Favorite discipline: Commuting and Long-Distance Bikepacking

Favorite bike: All-City Gorilla Monsoon

Number of bikes you own: 2 (but dreaming about the third!)

History at paramount: Started as a customer in 2018, JC built up my Monsoon for me, and now I work here.

Other interests: Hockey and music